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Short Stories


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1 1993-04-04 Del Rey  

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What if history had taken a different path, made a detour, and deviated just a little bit from the road it chose? Here, Harry Turtledove explores such "what ifs" in twenty alternate-history stories ranging from ancient times to the far, far-different future. Persia has conquered Greece; Athens is in ruins. Yet even under Persia's rule, the power of the people can never be completely broken. . . A werewolf boy tears through Cologne's medieval stretts in search of sanctuary from the angry mob. But who will shelter a creature so hated and feared? A student from the far-off future sets off on a field trip to study Genghis Khan -- and finds him in the twentieth century? And many more!

Counting Potsherds
Death in Vesunna
Islands in the Sea
Not All Wolves
Clash of Arms
Pillar of Cloud, Pillar of Fire
Report of the Special Committee on the Quality of Life
Last Reunion, The
Designated Hitter
Gladly Wolde He Lerne
Barbecue, the Movie, & Other Unfortunately Not So Relevant Material, The
In the Presence of Mine Enemies
R-Strain, The
Secret Names
Les Mortes d'Arthur
Last Favor
Nasty, Brutish, &. . .

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