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Days of Infamy



Alternate History
Science Fiction


Days of Infamy


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1 2004-10-30 New American Library  

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Japanese Zeros appear in the skies over Hawaii and descended upon Pearl Harbor in a devastating attack that cripples the U.S. Navy fleet and airfields. The land invasion follows...
One after another, the islands are conquered and occupied by the Empire of the Sun. In the hands of a merciless enemy, American soldiers in POW camps suffer the cruel punishments meted out to those who have dishonored themselves with surrender. Many older Hawaiians of Japanese origin support the invaders. Some of their children, though, want to fight back. And no matter where their sympathies might lie, under amrtial law, all civilians must respect their Japanese conquerors, relinquish food and shelter on demand, and fend for themselves as goods become scarce.

But the domination of the Pacific and the submission of those who live there is merely the beginning. With the U.S. military on Hawaii completely subjugated, there is no one to stop the Japanese from using the islands' resources to launch an offensive against America's western coast.

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