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Dick Tracy: The Collins Casefiles Volume 1



Graphic Novel
Crime & Prison


Dick Tracy: The Collins Casefiles


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1 2003-10-29 Checker Book Publishing Group  

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Dick Tracy Debuted in American Newspapers in 1931, a Revolutionary Cops and Robbers Strip That Drew its Inspiration from the Mobdrenched Headlines of the Day. Hero Tracy had Joined the Police Force in the Wake of a Personal Tragedy and Set out to Settle the Score with an Endless String of Underworld Figures. Acclaimed Mystery Author Max Allan Collins Took over Scripting Duties on Dick Tracy from the Strip's Creator, Chester Gould, in 1978 and Began an 11-Year Run on the Strip that was at Once Faithful to the Original and as Innovative as had been the Original on its First Publication.

Rick Fletcher, Long Gould's Assistant, Took over the Drawing at the Same Time Collins did the Writing, and was an Able Heir to Gould's Style. Gould Maintained a Byline on the Strip Throughout the Period Contained Here, and Consulted with Collins and Fletcher on the Plot Direction. These Would Turn out to be Among the Last of the Dick Tracy Strips to Carry Gould's Imprimatur. They are Rich with Classic Villains, Resurrected by Collins from the Earliest Days of Dick Tracy's War on Crime to Wreak Havoc on the Latter Days of the 20th Century. And Dick Tracy is There, as Always, to Administer His Unique Brand of Justice.

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