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Two For The Money (Omnibus)



Crime & Prison


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1 2004-11-02 Hard Case Crime  

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This item is part of The Hard Case Crime Series. The book starts at the end of one story and the beginning of another as we are introduced to Nolan 35 days into his convalescence from a gunshot wound. One phone call changes all of that, however, and he sneaks out soon after the waitress who"s been taking care of him goes to work. The first book (Bait Money) of Two for the Money falls under the "last big heist" heading, with Nolan wanting to retire. He"s 48 and it"s definitely time to give up this high-risk business. Unfortunately, some "Family" members have a grudge against him that makes that difficult-to-impossible. But he has an out: if he pulls one more heist for them, to the tune of $100,000, they will "forgive" him. The catch is that he has to pull it with the planner"s nephew, Jon. This contrasting of old blood and new has long been a cliche (it may even have been then), but Collins" skill at characterization makes it work, even if a few leaps of faith need to be taken. Book Two (Blood Money) was written very soon after the acceptance of Bait Money for publication, and so follows closely on the latter"s heels. Collins himself even sees the two as one long novel, hence the omnibus publication. In it, we learn more about Jon, an aspiring comics (or "graphic story") artist. Jon"s love of comics is a thread that runs throughout Blood Money and this is a world that Collins certainly knows something about, having written for the comic strip Dick Tracy from 1977 to 1993 (Max Allan Collins fans should note that reprints of that series are becoming available under the title Dick Tracy: The Collins Casefiles), as well as authoring numerous graphic novels of his own creation. cc