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1 1999-05-01 Berkley  

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Based on the universal studios major motion picture starring Brendan Fraser! Rick O"Connell, dashing American and legionnaire, is in Egypt looking for a good time. His discovery of the Lost City of the Dead is a fluke--but to British librarian Evelyn Carnarvon it"s the archaeological find of the century. The city contains all the treasures of Egypt and possibly the secrets of life and death. Leading Evelyn"s expedition deep into the Sahara isn"t exactly easy money, though, as Rick must dodge death traps, escape the jaws of man-eating beetles, and even duel a hook-handed mercenary. And just when he"s caught his breath, a long ago evil returns from the grave--with a taste for human flesh... Universal Studios Publishing Rights, a Division of Universal Studios Licensing, Inc. All rights reserved. cc

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