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Day of Their Return, The



Science Fiction


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1 1975-00-00 Signet  

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Powder Keg of the Universe! Aeneas, Terran Commissioner Desai mused, was just another nondescript frontier planet where rebellion was the everyday household world! Back under the thumb of the Terran Empire after leading their planetary sector in an almost successful war against Imperial rule, it was no wonder that Aeneans were looking for trouble. And trouble was certainly brewing. A strange, fanatical religious movement was spreading like wildfire. There were rumors of the fabled Elder Race’s return. The Firstling, Aeneas’s soon-to-be leader, was on the run, hiding from possible retribution at the Imperialist hands. And off-planet agents from the Ythrian Domain and Merseia, Terra’s ancient foe, were abroad in the land. Yes, Aeneas was ready to explode, and unless Commissioner Desai could damp the fuse of rebellion, the universe would begin its terrifying descent into the Long Night.

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