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People of the Wind, The



Science Fiction


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1973-00-00 Signet  

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Terra + Ythri + Avalon = Universal War! The Terran Empire: behemoth, reaching ever further across the star systems, seeking to set the entire universe into its gigantic maw. In its favor it must be said that the empire offers peace and prosperity to its subjects. The Ythrian Domain: Medium-size empire with room to grow ... except where its borders meet those of the Terran Empire! Peopled by the Ythri, birdlike beings with a culture and intellect that is easily a match for the Terran way of life. Avalon: Colony planet of Ythri but inhabited by human and Ythri alike, Avalon is the Domain"s secret weapon-or is it? For Avalon has formed a culture all its own, which it will defend against all comers. And Avalon seems quite capable of defying the combined might of two of the most powerful empires in the universe! ...

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