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Treaty's Law



Science Fiction
Setting: Star Trek


Star Trek Crossover: Day of Honor


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1997-10-01 Pocket-Trek  

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The Day of Honor is celebrated throughout the Klingon Empire. But every tradition had to begin somewhere....

Signi Beta is an M-class planet ideal for farming. The Federation wants Signi Beta, but the Klingon Empire has the stronger claim. Captain Kirk hates to lose the planet, especially to his old adversary, Commander Kor. Their mutual antagonism turns into an uneasy alliance, however, when yet another alien fleet attacks both the Klingons and the U.S.S. Enterprise. Now Kirk and Kor must rely on each other - or none of them may survive to wage their war again.

This book is labelled as book 4 of 4 in the "Day of Honor" series that crossed over all four Star Trek series. Book 1 is Ancient Blood by Diane Carey. Book 2 is Armageddon Sky by L A Graf. Book 3 is Her Klingon Soul by Michael Jan Friedman.

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