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Visual Dictionary of Star Wars, Episodes IV, V, & VI, The



Science Fiction
Setting: Star Wars


Star Wars: Miscellaneous


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1998-10-01 Dorling Kindersley Publishing  

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Blurb: Watch the Star Wars trilogy enough times and you"ll find yourself straining to catch all the little details. Not the subtle plot points (Darth is Luke"s dad, check; Luke and Leia are brother and sister, check), but all the cool gear and gadgets that keep flashing in front of the camera. Like what are those pointy things on Boba Fett"s kneepads? And what"s with all that ammo on Chewie"s bandolier? And does an Imperial Probe really need that many legs? Finally, we"ve got some answers. David West Reynolds, a boyish Ph.D. in archaeology who looks like he just rode in on the last Bantha, has catalogued the artifacts and inhabitants of the Star Wars universe with the same clinical thoroughness one typically reserves for studying Mesopotamia. His oversized, eye-pleasing picture book is packed with scrutinizing photos of actual props and characters from the movies, complete with systematic, scientific labels. And Reynolds"s friendly, pseudo-academic style seamlessly blends new information with old. (In the Sand People description, you can"t help but hear Alec Guinness"s voice when Reynolds reveals that "Sand People ride in single file to hide their numbers.") In a few instances, the book shines an embarrassing light on the movies (Max Rebo is clearly no alien lifeform, just a poofy, blue elephant muppet), but the countless close-ups of thermal detonators, imperial blasters, and gaffi sticks more than make up the difference. --Paul Hughes

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