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Martial Arts, the: Swordsmanship, Kendo, Aikido, Judo, Karate



Martial Arts


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Michel Random - The Martial Arts - 7 Darb


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1 1977-00-00 Peerage Books  

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From the dustjacket inleaf:

The Japanese martial arts described in this book include Swordsmanship, Archery, Kendo, Aikido, Judo, Karate and Sumo Wrestling.

The uniqueness of Japanese martial arts lies in the way in which they relate to religious and cultural values and traditions. The author first gives and account of Japan's history, describing the role of the Samurai and explaining Shintoism and Zen Buddhism. He goes on to examine the code of Budo - the way of the warrior - and how it influences the practice of the martial arts today. The book shows how the development of concentration, confidence, aggression and speed of reaction is as important as physical fitness and strength. It is this combination of mental and physical prowess which has led to the spread of the martial arts, especially judo and karate, throughout the world.

In the case of each of the martial arts described, the author has visited the schools in Japan and talked with their grand masters. Michael Random has taken many superb color photographs for this lavish book, which contains more than 250 illustrations in color, and 150 in black and white, including line drawings.

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