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Unauthorized Star Wars Compendium, The: The Complete Guide to the Movies



Science Fiction
Setting: Star Wars


Star Wars: Miscellaneous


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1999-01-01 Little Brown and Company  

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Blurb: The word "unauthorized" combined with the words "Star Wars" brings to mind sordid details involving drugged-up Jawas, Sandpeople mistreating their Banthas, and Wookiees canoodling with Twi"leks. Readers may be disappointed to discover that author Ted Edwards had no such intention. Kitty Kelley he isn"t: The nearest thing to dirt he dishes is that George Lucas didn"t get along with John Dykstra, head of special effects on Star Wars. What Edwards does offer is a (predominantly) affectionate look at the Star Wars phenomenon. Chapters (or "Episodes") look at the making of the original trilogy and the special edition films and present a detailed description of the radio dramas. Other chapters include a history of the various comics and a "fiction guide" with synopses and reviews of the SW novels. A chapter entitled "Rebirth" recounts how Shadows of Empire came about and offers information (now rather dated) about the prequels. Hardcore fans will appreciate the exhaustive timeline which places all the novels, short stories, and comics in loose chronological order. Sidebars contributed by other SW experts add some extra spice to the text. Dan Vebber"s "Death Star=Death Trap" is hilarious, and his piece (cowritten by Dana Gould), "Fifty Reasons Why Jedi Sucks," is reason enough to buy this book. --C.B. Delaney

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