Detailed view for the Book: Legends From The Edge of Time (Omnibus)


Legends From The Edge of Time (Omnibus)



Setting: Eternal Champion
Time Travel


Eternal Champion, Tale of the


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1993-00-00 Gollancz  

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Michael Moorcock"s most exquisitely funny stories - the last tales brought to you from the End of Time, where all dreams are possible and all constraints of morality and conscience have succumbed to style. Here you will again meet many of the dancers at the end of time - the Iron Orchid, the Duke of Queens, The Everlasting Concubine, My Lady Charlotina, Bishop Castle, Werther de Goethe, Lord Shark, Dafnish Armatuce and the appalling Mavis Ming - as well as some unusual visitors, like Elric of Melnibone. All together they are involved in a series of complicated plots and hilarious misunderstandings. Contains: "Pale Roses", "White Stars", "Ancient Shadows", "Constant Fire", "Elric At The End Of Time"

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