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Irda, The



Setting: Dragonlance
Young Adult


Dragonlance: Lost Histories


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1995-06-01 Wizards of the Coast  

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Given life by gods, the Ogres were the most intelligent and beautiful of the early races on Krynn, and they reigned supreme in their perfect kingdom . . . Until that fabled race was weakened by clan rivalries and evil ambition, their downfall orchestrated by the hand of the Dark Queen, Takhisis . . . Until the once-proud Ogres were cursed by their own mistakes and transformed into one of Krynn"s most ugly, despised, and villainous species . . . All except a small group, the Irda, who learned to accept goodness, fight for their freedom, and escape to build a utopian civilization of their own on a paradise island in the Dragon Isles. The Irda The Lost Histories series probes the historical roots and epic struggles of the heretofore little-known peoples of Krynn. Author Linda P. Baker sheds light on the legendary origins of this mysterious race, the Irda.

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