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1 1993-00-00 Pocket Books  

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Her heart pounding with fear and longing, Charlotte Langston set sail from India for England, the homeland she had not seen for so many years...desperate to find the man whose love had once made her life a paradise...How well she remembered the day they met, when, pistol drawn, she'd charged into the private garden of Delhi's commander-in-chief and challenged the soldiers who were trespassing there. Captain Edward Langston had been handsome, strong, and, despite his part in the day's mischief, possessed of a confidence that was instantly compelling. Only sixteen, Charlotte had been innocent enough to ignore her maidservant's dark foreboding, headstrong enough to defy her old-fashioned father and marry a man he considered an ambitious, arrogant upstart. Honeymooning in the shadow of the Taj Mahal, Charlotte had glowed with incandescent love. But barely two months later, her happiness had been shattered by a bloody native uprising that left her widowed and in despair.

Now, ten years later, Charlotte was leaving the heat and dust of India to embark upon a new, uncertain find the beloved husband who, she had just discovered, was miraculously still alive...

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