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Lonely Silver Rain



Crime & Prison


Travis McGee


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1985-00-00 Knopf  

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John D. MacDonald died in the year following this book. There's such a poignant feeling here of farewell and closure that one is sure he had to have meant this to be the final episode in the saga.

We aren't told what happened to the cinnamon-skinned senorita in the elapsed three years since the previous tale, but some other threads have gotten tied-off. Travis's neighbor, The Alabama Tiger, is now in the Big Marina In The Sky and his nonstop party has ended. Willy Nucci, McGee's pipeline to the underworld, is dying but not before passing along good information and a comely nurse. A lot of the Bahia Mar oldtimers have moved on, and the recent crops of beach bunnies are speaking a different generational language. All this leaves McGee feeling like a time-warped relic.

If Travis, a Korean War vet, were aging in real time he had to have been in his mid-fifties in this story. If the process were slowed, in the manner of comic strips and TV serials, he might be fortyish. (The later books in the series play down the age-placing background clues.) The book ends with a heart-touching big surprise that brings one element full-circle.

Now, on to the plot. Billy Ingraham, just about the only real estate developer in the whole series who's honorable and likeable, wants McGee to find his stolen 52-foot yacht. With the help of Meyer's inspired idea for arial photography all around the Florida coast, McGee locates the boat and discovers three violated and rotting bodies along with evidence of drug running. The South American drug lord family of one of the victims is out for blood and vengence, and their local business partners figure McGee will make a handy sacrificial object. Travis has to go about getting his name off the hit list while he's finding out who killed the folks on the boat. All hell breaks loose near the end, and the guilty rapist-murderer is discovered and dealt with appropriately and profitably.

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