Detailed view for the Book: Pale Gray for Guilt


Pale Gray for Guilt



Crime & Prison


Travis McGee


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1968-01-00 Fawcett Gold Medal  

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Listen while Meyer explains how to rig stock prices for profit or revenge. Watch local political sleazemeisters in their maneuvers. Follow along as real estate wheeler-dealers go through their manipulations.

Tush and Janine Bannon were being hounded out of the marina business they worked so hard to build. Seems the local powers have their own plans for the property, and when Tush is found dead of what surely must have been a suicide, that seemed to finish the matter. McGee thought it was murder and decided to get involved.

In another story line, Travis has found Puss Killian, his all-time favorite love and soul-mate, only to have her leave him and send a heartbreaking letter explaining why.

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