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Area of Suspicion



Crime & Prison


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1954-00-00  

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Who killed Ken Dean -- and why? Four years ago Gevan Dean found his fiancee Niki Webb in his brother"s arms -- and fled his hometown for the peaceful life in the Florida sun. But now Ken is dead -- murdered by a thief, the police say -- and Gevan"s presence is desperately needed to keep their company, Dean Products, from falling apart. Gevan soon sees there"s more going on at Dean Products than a classic power struggle between old guard and new blood. But everywhere he turns, he finds only questions and confusion. He must struggle to keep his hands off the grieving widow, the beautiful seductress Niki, who is all too eager to pick up where they left off. He must grapple with the motives of Stanley Mottling, the new production chief. He must come to terms with the presence of a Colonel from the Pentagon, who supervises the company"s new defense contracts. But Gevan Dean doesn"t suspect the truth behind Ken"s murder or what is really going on at Dean Products -- until the stakes get too high to ignore and the truth explodes violently in his face . . . .