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Man of Affairs, A



Crime & Prison


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1957-00-00 Dell  

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Lost weekends in the Bahamas sun--and beneath the rum-dazed surface of the house-parties raged a titantic struggle for power.

There were enough girls for everyone. And Mike Dean had a us for all of them. He used them as he would his liquor, his sunshine, his hospitality, his own personal magnetism--to take other men's mind off their troubles, to soften their consciences, to muddy their good sens, to bend them to his will.

But one of his house guests refused to see things Mike Dean's way.

One of them had a mind of his own, and a heart of his own. One of them wouldn't be bought. He is the Hero of this fascinating behind the scenes novel of corporate power and glory and corruption.

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