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Flash of Green, A



Crime & Prison


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1962-00-00 Simon and Schuster  

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A gripping novel of small-town corruption and two people who fight it.

Jimmy Wing was only trying to help his friend's widow. At least that's what he told himself after he warned Kat Hubble that the beautiful bay that she and her neighbors had struggled to save was now going to be sold to developers. He knew he shouldn't have told her anything. He was a reporter, trained to reveal nothing. But he was falling in love with her.

The corruptors had taken over Palm City. Silent and deadly like the snakes that infested the nearby swamps, they lay hidden from view, waiting for the right moment to strike. Political treachery and private green had already softened up the town for the big sell-out.

All that had to be done now was to silence a few stubborn citizens. Kate Hubble was one of them and blackmail was their favorite weapon.

Note: This is often cited by readers as being, a MacDonald favorite. Also, it was adapted and directed by Victor Nunez into a film, in 1984. JDM visited the film location one day and apparently felt that Nunez' interpretation was very close to what he had in mind when writing the novel.

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