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Crime & Prison


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1 1959-00-00 Simon and Schuster  

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Anton Drovek started The Crossroads Corporation forty years ago with a shack and a petrol pump. Now it is a flourishing, still-expanding motel.

The endless stream of trucks and cars, Maine-to-Florida and back, stop here while their drivers eat, sleep, fill up and roll on. The crossroads is a smoothly managed oasis for the hungry motorist and tired trucker. It's a booming little city, owned and run by the tightly-knit, hard-driving Drovek family.

But all is not smooth beneath the surface. Sylvia, Peter Drovek's wife, tells a young employee how he can steel Papa Drovek's $200,000 in cash, though she doesn't mention that it is someone else's cold, calculating plan.

None of the three persons who execute the robbery knows all that the other two have in mind. The reader knows more than any of them, but even he can't foresee the final violent explosion - an ending which for some of the Droveks is a new beginning.

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