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One Fearful Yellow Eye



Crime & Prison


Travis McGee


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1 1966-12-00 Fawcett Gold Medal  

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MacDonald's wife was an artist, and this story contains observations and opinions that could only come from an insider.

Nobody in his right mind wants to go to Chicago in December, least of all a Florida beach bum. However, an old girlfriend has a problem - after her wealthy doctor husband died, it was discovered the estate had been drained, and by the good man himself! Travis gets to hang out in the Chicago art scene with hilarious results, and takes on the project of unblocking Heidi, a painter with artistic and sexual hangups. Along the way we learn something about LSD overdoses and auto body repairs. We also have descriptions of the quality of water in Lake Michigan, the air over Chicago, and other observations on how things are going to hell in the Windy City.

It is part of the Travis formula that he damn near gets killed in each book. This time we can see it coming all too clearly. Travis and Heidi heedlessly and needlessly walk right into trouble, and it takes some far-fetched nick-of-time outside intervention to rescue them. (MacDonald usually wraps things up with more finesse.)

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