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Dear Stranger





# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1997-00-00 Warner Books  

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In 1848 England, Lily Adler, daughter to extremely wealthy parents, decides to never marry. Having wealth allows her to flaunt society"s dictum that girls must marry to be complete. However, Lily does find herself very attracted to the opposite sex. To satisfy her curiosity, she decides to embark on a "scientific" study on how a male thinks. Lily chooses Oliver Worth, an employee of her father, to learn all there is about the male animal. Oliver has a hidden agenda. He plans to prove his father was innocent of the scandal that destroyed his family"s reputation. This job provides him the perfect disguise to go undercover in order to learn the truth. Lily has her own agenda. What started as harmless questioning is becoming much more intimate. However, also undercover lurks a killer, whose agenda is to leave the past buried even if it means killing Oliver and Lily to insure that occurs...

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