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Tell Me Why





# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 2001-00-00 Kensington Publishing Corp.  

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Whenever Carolee Burns plays at Bistro Brandy, Max Wolfe is there. He is a silent observer in the smoky darkness, nursing a drink as Carolee"s poignant music washes over him. He can"t stop thinking about the mysterious woman at the piano. At its peak, Carolee"s celebrated career as a jazz pianist took her all over the world. Then, eighteen months ago, she dropped out of sight, emerging only occasionally to perform at this tiny suburban Seattle club. Max had seen her play in New York, but it"s here at Bistro Brandy that Carolee Burns -- her music, her melancholy, her haunting face -- works an irresistible magic on him. Drawn to her sadness, compelled to know the reason for her sudden withdrawal from an apparently idyllic life, Max searches for answers to his going straight to the source. Carolee won"t talk about the ruin of her life: the sudden crashing end to her once-happy marriage, the agonizing estrangement from a daughter who needs her now more than ever, her ex-husband"s vindictive behavior. Hiding herself away from everything and everyone has seemed the best way to regroup. When Max Wolfe changes from observer to participant in Carolee"s world, he becomes a temptation she doesn"t want to resist. But even as Carolee deals with the irresistible consequences of allowing love back into her life, a tragedy reveals secrets that may change everything she believes about herself -- jeopardizing her fragile hold on happiness...

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