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Empty Copper Sea, The



Crime & Prison


Travis McGee


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1978-09-00 Lippincott  

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The prolific output is slipping - MacDonald let three years go by before coming out with this one.

Travis and Meyer go to a (fictitious) town on Florida's West Coast where a local entrepreneur has vanished in an alleged drowning accident. The captain of the boat is a proud and decent guy who got wrongfully blamed for the accident and hires Travis to get his name cleared. Travis and Meyer haul out some fake documents and pass themselves off as real estate development types, all set to do big things for this lovely community you folks have got here. With that act, they have no problem charming their way into the local establishment. While prowling around for information, they come upon several layers of surprises.

In some of these stories Travis has an encounter with a Wrong Woman and then with a Right Woman. The trick is to disentangle the wrong one without doing her any damage. Here, a smitten lounge pianist thinks Travis is the answer to her romantic fantasies until he encourages her to think he's actually a louse. Meanwhile, he falls seriously for a tall, stalwart, athletic beauty named Gretel Howard.

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