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Purple Place for Dying, A



Crime & Prison


Travis McGee


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1964-05-00 Fawcett Gold Medal  

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Meyer, brilliant economist and man of perception, wisdom and knowledge, is briefly introduced. In future books this wonderful character will provide the author, himself a Harvard MBA, an opportunity to deliver fascinating facts and philosophies concerning local and world economies and other global subjects. Meyer will also unravel the financial flim-flammery taking place in some of the stories.

This book came out well before the TV series "Dallas" began, and may have been an inspiration for it.

McGee is summoned to Esmeralda, a (fictitious) place in the Southwest, where his rich haughty client gets shot dead before Travis has a chance to tell her "I don't take this kind of case". Her husband, Jass Yeoman, an empire-building, hell-raising, Texas-style patriarch can't understand why anyone would want to kill his restless young wife. Since McGee is available and passes Jass's manhood standards, they strike a deal to investigate the matter. Travis proceeds to get acquainted with the local feudal society from Sheriff's Department to ranch mansions to barrios. At the local college he encounters a female example of academic inbreeding, and she's such an annoying twit that we wonder why McGee even bothers to make the effort of getting her to shed her neuroses.

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