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Cinnamon Skin



Crime & Prison


Travis McGee


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1982-06-01 Harper & Row  

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Things were getting quite serious between Travis and Annie Renzetti until she opted for upwardly-mobile yuppiehood in chain-hotel management instead of sharing McGee's floating unstructured lifestyle. Meanwhile, Meyer continues to be a broken man after his terrifying encounter with the homicidal biker Dirty Bob in FREE FALL IN CRIMSON.

Travis needs to distract himself from the Annie situation. And, since he feels responsible for Meyer's condition, he hopes having them take on a successful project together will restore Meyer's confidence. So they go hunting a predatory serial killer whose specialty is loving, looting, and killing his female victims. They go to Texas and retrace the suspect's history and ever-changing identities and eventually track the guy to Cancun. With the help of a lovely Mayan senorita, she of the "cinnamon skin", they spring a trap in the jungle. The villain gets his due, Meyer gets his confidence back, and McGee gets to bring home his stunning new ladyfriend.

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