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Free Fall in Crimson



Crime & Prison


Travis McGee


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1981-04-00 Harper & Row  

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Motorcycle gangs, hot-air balloons, moviemaking, pornography taping - this story combines a lot of outlandish elements. Travis enlists the help of movie star Lysa Dean, who played lead in THE QUICK RED FOX, to help him infiltrate a movie company on location in Iowa. Police Lt. Goodbread, the deceptively dumb-looking cop in THE SCARLET RUSE, makes a brief and helpful appearance.

The villain this time is Dirty Bob, an outlaw biker who got lucky in show business, then got unlucky after Travis uncovers Bob's dirty sideline. Bob runs around working off his fury by murdering anyone who's crossed him, and Travis, of course, is next on the list. Meyer gets in harm's way as Bob's hostage, and has his psychological manhood gutted right out of him.

Travis is smitten with Annie Renzetti, manager of a fancy Gulf Coast hotel. They get a promising relationship going, in spite of the fact that she's only 5'2 instead of the amazon size Travis favors.

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