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Lone Wolf


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1 1984-00-00 Red Fox  

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After the invasion force of Archlord Zagarna was destroyed, Vonotar, the Sommerlending mage who betrayed his country, escaped to the icy arctic region of Kalte. Lone Wolf is appointed by the king to seek him out and bring him to justice.

This book ends with Lone Wolf battling a giant ice monster, and defeating Vonotar with the help of the freed magician Loi-Kymar.

If the reader is unable to defeat Vonotar quickly enough, an alternate ending occurs where Loy-Kymar is slain in mental combat with Vonotar. In this ending, Vonotar escapes, Loy-Kymar's secrets die with him, and the player returns to the ship to regretfully inform his shipmates that his mission has failed. It is the only time in any Lone Wolf book where the story ends without either a victory or Lone Wolf's death.

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