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Dreadful Lemon Sky, The



Crime & Prison


Travis McGee


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1975-02-00 Lippincott  

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Travis, that 6'4" physical fellow, preferred women who were about six feet tall and good outdoors as well as in. This time around it's handsome Cindy Birdsong, owner of a marina in the (fictitious) Florida gulf city of Bayside, who's determined to carry on after her husband's suspicious death.

A woman from the past appears and gives Travis $94,000 of unexplained money to hold for her, plus $10,000 for himself. She gets killed in an unlikely "accident", and Travis and Meyer set out to find out why. The quest leads them through the marijuana smuggling industry and into a swinging singles subculture (MacDonald is very good at observing subcultures).

Our villain is Fast Freddy, an up-and-coming young lawyer with slick moves and a serious sexual exploitation hobby. Undeterred by Freddy's gamey reputation, the local downtown operators who have strip-mining and real estate development in mind, are fashioning a political career for him. There is also an amusing example of the cynical cop genre in Captain Harry Max Scorf, walking the tightrope between professionalism and political reality.

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