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Wild Oats and Fireweed (Collection)





# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1988-01-01 Harpercollins  

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Part One: PLACES
• Northern B.C.
• Flight 65 to Portland
• Three Ohio Poems: Robinsons’ Farm; Spring, Robinsons’ Farm; In That Ohio
• NM
• Five South, One North
• Crazy Knobby Beauty and Smooth
• Luwit: The Grey Quaker; In the Red Zone; Back in the Red Zone
Part Two: WOMAN
• Pane
• The Maenads
• Apples
• To Saint George
• Of Course She Is Frigid
• For Virginia Kidd
• Dos Poesias Para Mi Diana
• Amtrak Portland to Seattle
• The House of the Spider: A Spell to Weave
• For June Jordan
• At the Party
• Old Bag
• The Woman with the Shopping Cart who Sleeps in Doorways
• His Daughter
• The Menstrual Lodge
• Hunger
Part Three: WORDS
• Wild Oats and Fireweed
• The Organ
• For Bill Stafford
• For Helene Cixous
• To Gary and Allen and All with Love
• Silence
• A Private Ceremony of Public Mourning for the Language of the People Called Wappo
Part Four: WOMEN
• The Song of the Torus
• The Present
• For Katya
• T.C.K.B.K.Q., Telluride 1897—Berkeley 1979
• While the Old Men Make Ready to Kill
• The Photograph of Lyra Sofia
• Lyra, 26 November 85
• For the New House
• Ella Peavy’s Birthday
• The Old Falling Down
• The Light
• Tenses
• Inventory
• Silk Days
• A Meditation on a Marriage
• Spell

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