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Eternal Light



Science Fiction


Four Hundred Billion Stars


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1991-00-00 Orion Publishing Co  

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For Dorthy Yoshida - abused earthborn Talent and prime player in the secret history of the galaxy - the seeds of destiny were sown a million years in the past...when a giant sun exploded and vast civilizations died in the subsequent blood feuding of ten thousand alien family nations. Or perhaps it all began a dozen years before her birth - when a Greater Brazilian flyby drone was destroyed above a red dwarf star, drawing an uncomprehending human race into a thousand-millennia-old genocidal conflict that was not their own. And now Dorthy"s extraordinary mental ability to touch the past and the future has made her the pawn of a wealthy immortal"s vengeance - rocketing her to the black hole at the core of the galaxy, and into the perilous heart of a fanatical religious sect"s relentless search for hidden gods. For it is here that the final battle must ultimately be fought against a fearsome, invisible Enemy who has harnessed the powers of creation to obliterate a universe. And it is Dorthy Yoshida who stands at the frontlines of the war for tomorrow - unknowingly possessing the answers to the mysteries of eternity...and the key to preventing the apocalyptic unraveling of space and time.