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Agaton Sax And The League Of Silent Exploders



Humour & Satire


Agaton Sax


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1956-00-00  

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IBDoF Note:
The Agaton Sax books were originally written in Swedish, but I"ve been unable to trace their original titles. Any help on this would be appreciated
- Kvetch

In Brosnia for a few days quiet holiday, Agaton Sax stumbles on one of the toughest assignments in his tough career. A stupid deputy chief of police muddles him with someone else and arrests him. He escapes, naturally, only to tangle with a gang of crooks who have discovered a formula for exploding explosives without a bang! Now the gang as well as the Brosnian police are after him. He flies to England, contacts Lispington (whose efforts to help are as disastrous as ever) and parachutes into Kent.

A muddle with a veteran car race, a TV appearance and an encounter with an English lord almost ruin his daring bid to get this particular batch of crooks safely behind bars.

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