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Agaton Sax And The Criminal Doubles



Humour & Satire


Agaton Sax


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1 1963-00-00  

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IBDoF Note:
The Agaton Sax books were originally written in Swedish, but I"ve been unable to trace their original titles. Any help on this would be appreciated
- Kvetch

The Small town of Bykoping in Sweden is famous for just one thing - it is the home of Agaton Sax. Being a world-famous master detective makes him a target for the criminal underworld, and two dastardly gangleaders, Octopus Scott and Julius Mosca, fly in to deal with him. But their arrival coincides with that of the unfortunate Charlie MacSnuff and Absalom Nick, who keep being arrested as they are the doubles of Scott and Mosca. The ensuing muddle defeats everyone, including representatives of Scotland Yard and the Swedish police, as the town"s Civic Banquet is ruined by a caterwauling pop group (or are they criminals too?) and Scott and Mosca (or Nick and MacSnuff) try to capture Sax as he desperately tries to outwit them.
A wonderful blend of humour and excitement for eight- to eleven-year-olds

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