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Opus 200



Short Stories


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1979-00-00 Houghton Mifflin  

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Here is a bonanza for Asimov fans-a highly selective, amusing, informative, wide-ranging, beguiling, and totally Asimovian anthology of his favorite passages from his second hundred books! Incredible as it may seem, a similar harvest from his first hundred books was published scarcely a decade earlier and received a joyous welcome from his many admirers. Like Opus 100, the book is divided into subject categories covering such topics as Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, History, Humor, Literature, Physics, and Words-there is no end to the variety of Isaac"s enthusiasms-drawn from his serious scientific books, novels, essays, short stories, children"s books, and annotations of the classics. Each selection is accompanied by comments, filled with autobiographical nuggets, explaining how he came to write it and why he included it. Unfortunately, although there are hundreds of thousands of Asimov fans spread all over the world, there is only one Isaac Asimov and he lives in New York City. However, for anyone who hasn"t had the pleasure of knowing Isaac himself, this highly personal and ebullient anthology is the next best thing. And as he says himself, "Nobody who reads my writings, after all, his very likely to have read all my books, or even most of them; and many people who do read and are, presumably, fond of some of my books are not aware of some of the other kinds of writing I do." So here is Isaac Asimov face to face, radiating wit, wisdom, and ready to share with you his insatiable enthusiasm for life in all its variety.

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