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Limericks: Too Gross; or Two Dozen Dirty Stanzas



Humour & Satire


Asimov's Limericks


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1978-00-00 W. W. Norton  

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Isaac Asimov, one of the world"s best-selling authors, a scientist, academic, romantic, and original thinker, here jousts and jests with his old opponent in the war of words, John Ciardi. Ciardi, of course, is a poet, world authority on and pemier translator of Dante, teacher, critic, and formidable manufacturer and weilder of the word-weapon. Hurling limericks at each other, a dozen at a clip, they charge from the lists (the list includes a gross of limericks by each). It is a brilliant confrontation in one of the English language"s oldest and most demandingly rigid traditions.

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