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1 1986-00-00 Doubleday  

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A haunting acount of a young woman's psychic powers and a mystery more bizarre than the supernatural... a knowledge of Astrology provides the key to a particularly grisly murder... the key to a young man's happiness lies in the solution to a bafling cryptogram...

The thirty-one mysterious and riddling tales in this collection represent Isaac Asimov's own favourite stories from his classic Union Club and Black Widower series, as lively introduction and commentaries by the master himself makes this an indispensable compendium of Asimov's mysteries


PART I Black Widower Mysteries

The Obvious Factor
The Pointing Finger
Out of Sight
Yankie Doodle Went to Town
Quicker Than the Eye
The Three Numbers
The One and Only East
The Cross of Lorainne
The Next Day
What Time Is It?
Middle Name
Sixty Million Trillion Combinations
The Good Samaritan
Can You Prove it?
The Redhead

PART II Union Club Mysteries

He Wasn't There
Hide and Seek
Dollars and Cents
The Sign
Getting the Combination
the Library Book
Never Out of Sight
The Magic Umbrella
The Speck

PART III Miscellaneous Mysteries

The Key
A Problem of Numbers
The Little Things
The Thiteenth Day of Christmas
The Key Word
Nothing Might Happen

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