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Three by Asimov



Science Fiction
Short Stories


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1981-00-00 Targ  

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IBDoF Note: This is book was a limited edition of 250 copies

THREE BY ASIMOV is number eleven of the TARG EDITIONS published in New York City on April 15th of 1981. Born of the musings of an Algonquin meeting and composed during Sirius" February days, this book was designed and printed by hand on dampened sheets at the Grenfell Press in New York. The text, set in twelve point Bembo Monotype by the Stinehour Press in Luneburg, Vermont, is printed on J. Barcham Greene"s hand-made Cambersand, a 100% rag sheet. Bound in Belgian linen by hand by Colvin & Company and Leslie Miller, this first edition is limited to two hundred and fifty copies, each being signed by the author.