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Have You Seen These?



Science Fiction
Short Stories


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1 1974-00-00 NESRAA  

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Isaac Asimov was born in the year 1920. Nine years later he first discovered Science Fiction, in its then current guise as AMAZING STORIES. During the next ten years he became a more than occasional contributor to the letter columns of the SF magazines. During this period, Asimov made the aquaintance [sic] of other SF fans. Such people as Frederik Pohl, Robert A.W. Lowndes, Donald A. Wolheim and Cyril Kornbluth (along with the Asimov) first formalized their writing as THE FUTURIAN SCIENCE LITERARY SOCIETY OF NEW YORK in September of 1938. Asimov"s first story sale was made, appropriately, to AMAZING STORIES a few weeks later. For the next eleven years (with the incisive encouragement of John W. Campbell, Jr. then editor of ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION) Asimov wrote many of his most memorable SF stories. In 1949 Asimov sold his first book publication novel. Remarkably, it was only at this time that he considered the possibility that he might be able to make his way as a writer. Several years later this considered possibility became a fact. It happened when Asimov moved on from being exclusively an author of Science Fiction to become a writer of an encyclopedic range of subjects. To date he has 150 books to his credit. HAVE YOU SEEN THESE? is Isaac Asimov"s 150th book. It"s a collection of short stories, all of which were first published in the Science Fiction magazines of the 1950"s. Each story is bracketed with new expository material by Asimov, providing a brief inside view of the SF writer"s field of that time. HAVE YOU SEEN THESE? is being published, at this time, by the New England Science Fiction Association, Inc. in recognition of Isaac Asimov"s status as Guest of Honor at Boskone XI. Boskone XI is the current edition of the annual New England Regional Science Fiction Convention.

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