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Asimov's Mysteries (Collection)



Short Stories
Science Fiction


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1968-00-00 Doubleday  

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Summary (From the publisher):

A Devil's Dozen of Fiendish Mysteries

Isaac Asimov is reknowned the world over as creator of the magnificent Foundation trilogy, a galaxy-spanning saga of warfare and political intrigue. He has also virtually pioneered the mystery story as a distinct branch of science fiction with such novels as the Naked Sun and The Caves of Steel. Now Panther are pleased to present these thirteen fiendishly ingenious stories of crime, murder, puzzlement and detection in the far reaches of space and centuries in the future by perhaps the most famous and consistently entertaining science fiction author of today. This book is a superb showcase of Dr. Asimov's brilliant storytelling talent.

* Introduction
* The Singing Bell
* The Talking Stone
* What's in a Name?
* The Dying Night
* Pate de Foie Gras
* The Dust of Death
* A Loint of Paw
* I'm in Marsport Without Hilda
* Marooned Off Vesta
* Anniversary
* Obituary
* Star Light
* The Key
* The Billiard Ball

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