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Green Ripper, The



Crime & Prison


Travis McGee


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1979-09-00 Lippincott  

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This book predated the first Rambo movie (1982). Read it and see if you think it had anything to do with inspiring the movie series. Like those movies, it features guerrilla action and commando tactics, and carries far-fetched heroics to the point of surrealism.

Travis was ready to settle down permanently with Gretel Howard (from THE EMPTY COPPER SEA) when she died under strange circumstances. Her death may have something to do with a creepy religious cult in Northern California, and that cult might be involved in sinister international intrigue. Filled with fury and grief, Travis goes to Ukiah, locates the camp, and bumbles into the well-guarded compound as a harmless good ole boy lookin' for his runaway daughter. After poking around and finding out what has been going on within the organization, he destroys the place with a firestorm of military-style vengeance.

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