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Tan and Sandy Silence, A



Crime & Prison


Travis McGee


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1972-01-00 Fawcett Gold Medal  

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We get a revealing and disturbing bottom-up view of the tourism economy in Caribbean countries. There's also some interesting stuff here about the business of "condo-dam-nization". (For a very thorough look at the Florida condo business, from developers to realtors to the retired folks who live in these things, read MacDonald's CONDOMINIUM an excellent tale which was huge bestseller.)

Mary Dillon Broll had once been close to Travis, and now the jerk she married shows up, shooting off his gun and his mouth, demanding to know the whereabouts of his missing wife. He wants her back, and he also needs her signature on a real estate deal. Meyer gets involved and unravels some multiple-layered financial schemes. Travis, suspecting the worst, follows Mary's trail to the island of Grenada where he runs into more trouble than any normal mortal could realistically survive. The main villan is a psychosexual fiend lurking around, making sudden appearances, and leaving a trail of dead bodies and damaged women.

The second plot line involves a very determined and well-preserved rich widow named Lady Jillian, who likes to pick and choose from among the local beach hunks, and can't comprehend that "no" is Travis's answer. .

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