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Mountain Cage and Other Stories, The (Collection)



Short Stories
Young Adult
Science Fiction


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 2002-06-01 Meisha Merlin Pub  

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The title story was previously published as a novella by Cheap Street Publications in 1983. Pamela Sargent deserves better recognition as the writer of cautionary tales (the true forte of the science fiction author). "The Summer"s Dust" explores a possible side effect of immortality--the effect on what few children might exist in such a world where no one needs any longer to live on through their progeny--while "Fears" rivals the best stories of James Tiptree, Jr. in its description of a world that follows years after the ability for parents to make a sexual selection for their child. Two stories here are related to her novels. "The Sleeping Serpent" anticipates her novel of an alternate world where the Mongol horde continued its conquests, even unto the New World. "Dream of Venus" is an ancilliary tale to her Venus trilogy, a special treat for those who had to wait those long years between the second and third books. A really good part of this collection is the afterword to each story, and the publisher, a small press in Atlanta named Meisha Merlin, is to be commended not only for the quality of the book"s production, but also for allowing these to be after the stories and not insisting that they be introductions to them. You get a rare glimpse into the creation of stories in these small bits, which as afterwords increase your appreciation of what you just read rather than "giving away" the story had they been placed before. It"s a small thing, but many collections make this mistake. cc

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