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Afterlives (Collection)



Science Fiction


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1 1986-08-12 Vintage  

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Twenty stories and two poems, many published here for the first time, that explore with brilliant imagination and consummate artistry the multifaceted question of life after death: What happens when we die" Is there a world waiting for us after we leave this one? Is it possible to "return"—and with what consequences? In Afterlives you will find answers by some of the major voices in contemporary science fiction—some hauntingly real, others wildly innovative, all masterfully written and uniquely compelling.
Edited by Pamela Sargent and Ian Watson


•[Introduction by the editors]
•The American Book of the Dead by Jody Scott
•Time of Passage by J. G. Ballard
•Of Space-Time and the River by Gregory Benford
•Out of My Head by James E. Gunn
•A Work of Art by James Blish
•The Rapture by Thomas M. Disch
•Wood by Michael N. Langford
•A Woman’s Life by W. Warren Wagar
•Into That Good Night by James Stevens
•Prometheus’s Ghost by Chet Williamson
•Small Change by Ursula K. Le Guin
•A Draft of Canto CI by Carter Scholz
•Dust by Mona A. Clee
•Diary of a Dead Man by Michael Bishop
•Fair Game by Howard Waldrop
•In Frozen Time by Rudy Rucker
•Tropism by Leigh Kennedy
•If Ever I Should Leave You by Pamela Sargent
•Time’s Hitch by Robert Frazier
•The Rooms of Paradise by Ian Watson
•Checking Out by Gene Wolfe
•The Region Between by Harlan Ellison

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