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1 1993-01-01 Random House  

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Book Description

In 1167, in the harsh homeland of Mongol tribes, a child was born who was to change the course of human history. His father named him Temujin, but the world knows him as Genghis Khan.

Ruler of the Sky presents an entire world that is based on historical figures. It brings to life a time of often unendurable hardship and epic grandeur. From the windswept plains of Mongolia to the opulence and sophistication of the Chinese court, this is an unforgettable story. Set amid the barbaric splendor of the Mongol hordes, Ruler of the Sky tells us how a twelfth-century warrior forged one of the greatest and most terrifying armies the world had ever seen, and conquered the world from Peking to Persia.

Not only is this the story of Genghis Khan, but it is the story of those who were closest to him, particularly the women who played such an important role in his life.

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