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Eye of the Comet, The



Young Adult
Science Fiction


Watchstar (Pamela Sargent)


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1984-01-00 HarperCollins Publishers  

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Lydee had always known that this comet world she called Home was not where she had been born. Then why was she here? Homesmind, the cybernetic intelligence that was the heart of her world, hinted at an important task for Lydee.
When Lydee discovers this task, and the true story of her past, she is horrified! Her destiny is to become a bridge between the comet world and planet Earth -- the home of her ancestors. Terrified long ago by their inability to control their mindpowers, the people of Earth had slipped back into a simpler way of life. But the Earthfolk and the cometdwellers have come to need each other desperately. Lydee is their only link. Can she overcome the repugnance she feels for her ancestors? And if she does, what assurance does she have that Earth will accept her help?

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