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Climb the Wind: A Novel of Another America



Alternate History
Science Fiction


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1 1998-12-01 HarperPrism  

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Something is wrong out West. The Buffalo Soldiers sent to subdue the Cheyenne are deserting and going over to the other side. The Sioux are leaving their barren reservations in hordes. Armed bands of Apaches have been seen east of the Mississippi! Lemuel Rowland, formerly Poyeshao, has spent his life learning the white man"s ways. Now he must choose between his career as a Washington bureaucrat and the ancient dreams of his people. An obscure Lakota chief called Touch-the-Clouds, armed by a Russian spy and inspired by a woman with the gift of prophecy, is uniting the "horse tribes" into an awesome horde that will thunder eastward and reclaim the entire continent for its original owners. It should be Lemuel Rowland"s job to stop thembut he wants them to succeed! Combining the startling insights of Philip K. Dick"s The Man in the High Castle with the elegiac lyricism of Dee Brown"s bestseller, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, Pamela Sargent"s brilliant new alternate history epic asksand answersthe most heartbreaking and troubling question in American history: What if the warlike Indian nations of the high plains had combined under a strong leader? What if they had struck eastward at a weakened America, still reeling from the devastation of the Civil War? What if they had won? The complex and fascinating answer, as presented in this extraordinary work of speculative fiction from an award-winning science fiction and fantasy author, will either shock you, enrage you, or make you nostalgic for an America that could have been. But whatever your reaction, you will never look at our history in the same way again. The White Man"s NightmareThe Indian"s Dream! "The Russian"s ancestors and ours come from the same great chief," Touch-the-Clouds explained to Crazy Horse. "This great chief lived among bands of horsemen who warred with one another. He united them, and they became a nation of warriors. They rode against an enemy who lived to the east of them, a people with weapons and riches even greater than those of the whites." "And did he drive the enemy from his lands?" asked Crazy Horse. "Genghis Khan did more than that," said Touch-the Clouds. "He defeated his enemy and became their chief. He took their lands for his people." from Climb the Wind

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