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To the Vanishing Point



Science Fiction


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1988-00-00 Warner & SFBC  

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It was just a boring drive through the Nevada desert...until the Sonderberg family picked up a beautiful young hitchhiker named Mouse and found themselves on a wild, careening ride down the exit ramp to Hell. It seems the entire universe is doomed unless Mouse, a transdimensional alien, can find and heal the dying cosmic Spinner who controls the very fabric of reality. And if she - and now the Sonderbergs - can escape the evil Anachis, the incarnate primal Chaos.

Suddenly attacked by a demonic gas station attendant, ax-wielding rats and fire-breathing cops, the Sonderberg family must become warriors in a now-mystical motor-home and battle pan-galactic diners, weird worlds, impossible voids, and brain-bending realms of madness. They're driving into a fantastic nightmare to save all creation at the Vanishing Point on the Cosmic Road...

Which happens to be U.S. Interstate 40!

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