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Alone Against Tomorrow: A 10-Year Survey (Collection)



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Harlan Ellison - Alone Against Tomorrow - 8 clong


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1 1971-00-00  

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Summary (From the publisher):

Man plunges into space, into eternal darkness; he ventures timidly toward the unnknown in uneasy alliance with his machines; he probes toward the center of his mind and fears he will discover his soul as well; cosmically speaking, little wiser than the ape-ancestor, he moves toward the future carrying with him war and hate and paranoia. Yet he will persevere. And he will prevail, for he carries one thing his ape forebears never knew. . . dreams.
Man the Dreamer, alienated from his times, numbed by future-shock, whirled along by his noblest desires yet hamstrung by his monstrous inadequacies challenges the universe to give up its secrets.

In twenty dreams of alienation and wonder Harlan Ellison, the most honored writer in the field of speculative fiction, takes you into the unknown to experience the conflict, the awe, the grandeur and terror of men and women discovering all their tomorrows, alone and unaided.

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