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Academ's Fury





Codex Alera


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1 2005-07-05 Ace  

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For centuries, the people of Alera have harnessed the furies - elementals of earth, air, fire, water, wood, and metal - to protect their land from aggressors. But no fury can save them from the dangers they face within...

In Alera Imperia, the capital of the realm, the young man Tavi secretly trains to become one of the First Lord's spies while also suffering through rigorous academic studies and fulfilling his duties as a page. But his heaviest burden is his inability to control the furies, which makes Tavi especially vulnerable at the worst possible moment...

A mysterious attack from across the sea weakens the First Lord. Should he fall, a bloody civil war is inevitable. Tavi must fend off assassination attempts and treachery within the First Lord's circle of spies, while somehow maintaining the illusion that all is well.

And in the Calderon Valley, an ancient menace has risen from a long slumber and is heading straight for the heart of Alera and the one who awakened it: Tavi. Amid the advance of bloodthirsty creatures, warring factions, and swirling furies, Tavi and his friends face the greatest threats Alera has ever known...

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