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Ark Baby



Science Fiction


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1998-06-01 Overlook Press  

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From the Publisher
Five years have passed since a mysterious millennial downpour spread infertility throughout the land. As the Fertility Crisis deepens, veterinarian Bobby Sullivan has other things on his mind - he's on the run after following a husband's orders to exterminate a monkey named Giselle, his wife's cherished baby-substitute. Sullivan finally stops running and opens his veterinary office in a small coastal town, only to learn he has not really escaped - the town is haunted by the Victorian freak Tobias Phelps, whose life is directly linked to the evolution of events confounding Sullivan in the modern world. As a century and a half of logic, religion, magic and science connect, two men, three women and Queen Victoria's entire bestiary are catapulted into a wild and explosively funny farce.

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